ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Two homes are destroyed after a massive two-alarm fire broke out on Knox Avenue Saturday afternoon. Large flames and clouds of smoke can be seen shooting up into the air above south St. Louis.

“It really looks like a bomb dropped!” said neighbor, Allan Smith.

At around 1:00 p.m., St. Louis and Richmond Heights Fire Departments responded to a massive fire at a home on Knox Avenue. The fire quickly spread to neighboring homes.

“I knocked on the door to make sure somebody knew something was going on but the flames were too close,” said neighbor, Kimberly Handy.

Firefighters quickly responded and eventually put out the fire, but the damage is done.

“We had a building to the north of the original fire building that caught fire, ultimately that building, and the original fire building are a total loss,” said St. Louis Fire Captain Leon Whitener.

Firefighters put out the fire but the damage is done. Thankfully no one was hurt.

“It was really hard, they were devastated,” said Handy, “and I try to think about this as a close-knit community so my heart goes out to them.”

Handy is in talks with the Neighborhood Association to find ways to raise money for the homeowners.

Allan Smith owns the third building next to the homes destroyed. His attic and wiring are gutted with the home suffering from roughly eight inches of water damage.

“The wind was a big concern,” said homeowner, Allan Smith.

His home was unoccupied but under renovations. It was two weeks away from being out on the market. But now he’s going to have to start again.

“I know I have a brick home, three-quarters of it. The back is the wooden structure and fire, you know that’s what they attract to. So it must have jumped with that wind over into our attic and started burning and then that attic took over very quickly,” said Smith.

He says all over that means nothing when compared to the owners now having to rebuild from scratch.

The cause of the fire is unknown.