ST. LOUIS — Southwest Airlines’ CEO says the carrier should be back in business today. However, thousands of travelers who had their flights canceled are still outraged.

The flight attendants’ union debated about who was to blame for the disaster. Almost the last week, the airline has canceled over 15,000 flights.

The Southwest flight attendants’ union blamed the numerous cancellations on the company’s technical faults. These cancellations are causing customers to miss or cancel their vacation plans, as well as having luggage concerns.

Some passengers’ luggage was left on the plane, while others arrived at their destination without it. Southwest Airlines has nearly 20,000 flight attendants on its payroll. Crews say they were prepared for the winter weather last week, but not for system breakdowns.

“I really hope that one of the things that comes out of this is our management’s understanding that the frontline employees are the first place who can tell you when your plan on paper isn’t working,” says Corliss King, TWU local 556’s 2nd vice president.

According to the union spokesman, the union has been negotiating with the corporation to improve the system for numerous years. Union officials for Southwest flight attendants are cautiously optimistic.