ST. LOUIS – Muny-goers who head to see Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins this week will be greeted by dozens of beautifully designed umbrellas.

“People from all walks of life coming together, creating art. That’s what we do,” said Eric Pugh, Muny’s Director of Marketing for the project.

Mary Poppins is known for her umbrella arrivals. So, to celebrate this family favorite show finally arriving at The Muny after a COVID-19 delay, people from all over were asked to design umbrellas.

“Umbrellas from students at the Grand Center Performing Arts Academy. Our Muny Teens, our Muny Kids, Muny scenic artists,” said Pugh.

There are plenty of designs from everyday Muny fans as well.

“We had the umbrellas available on single ticket day for members of the community to just pick up, fill out a sheet, and turn it in,” said Pugh. “We hoped everyone would turn it in. And we’ve received well over one hundred umbrellas back that you can come see.”

The show must go on despite this week’s surge in temperatures. Thankfully, the show starts later in the evening.

“Our show starts at 8:15 p.m., so the sun starts to set. It gets a lot cooler with the fans,” said Pugh.

Bring along plenty of water and plan to take it slow ahead of show time.

“Come early and enjoy some of our preshow activities, the umbrellas, acclimate to the heat a little bit before you go in and watch the show,” said Pugh.

Designers of the umbrellas will get a chance to take them home after the run of Mary Poppins ends next week.