ST. LOUIS – A decorated past with ambitions for the future: That’s the main message behind SPIN magazine’s new in-depth feature on the music culture of St. Louis.

SPIN highlighted St. Louis as a “vibrant new music scene” that’s also “steeped in music lore.” It’s a conclusion that music enthusiast Daniel Scheffler came to after a recent visit to the Missouri History Museum, specifically an exhibit called “St. Louis Sound.”

The exhibit honors many St. Louis-made music stars like Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, Miles Davis for their contributions to promoting the region as a hub for African-American music and art.

Various artifacts and multimedia features at the exhibit demonstrate how they all overcame challenges to influence ambassadors of blues and rock ‘n roll music, in addition to more contemporary artists like Ike & Tina Turner and Nelly.

St. Louis-based producer Carl Nappa tells Scheffler that St. Louis has become a “breeding ground” for musical evolution and diversity. Artists have had opportunities to experiment with different styles and explore new ideas. Bands like Uncle Tupelo have blended various punk, rock, and country influences into their works, while blues and hip-hop have evolved with the city’s nightlife.

“It is truly a ripe time in St. Louis music as the consistent infusion of fresh faces, voices, and sounds has helped re-establish a thriving ecosystem and cultivated a fresh world-class music landscape,” Alonzo Townsend, a board member of the St. Louis Blues Society told SPIN.

The article notes that St. Louis has a strong commitment to artists and musical venues through organizations like the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and St. Louis Blues Society.