ST. LOUIS – After another failed attempt to pass sports betting in Missouri, fans are still in full support. 

“I think it could be beneficial,” Lisa Long said. 

Long, a Blues season ticket holder, said she’s bet on sports in the past in another state. 

“I really don’t see any difference between that and gambling at a casino,” she said.

Mike Verzolini, from New Jersey, was in town for the Blues-Rangers game. Verzloini bets on games in his home state and said he was surprised when he found out it was not legal in Missouri. 

“I tried to look up if it was legal in Missouri,” he said. “I came to the conclusion that it looked like it wasn’t.”

For Verzolini, betting on games adds a little more excitement to the game. 

Shawn Lewis, from Illinois, does not bet on sports, but it’s also something he does not have a problem with. 

“If people want to spend their money and the government can do something good with their cut, I don’t see how it’s really any different from the lottery,” Lewis said.