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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- After a fatal shooting at a Walmart Neighborhood Market, officers got another call related to the incident involving the victim’s dog.

According to a social media post, the name of the dog, Zeke, belonged to 33-year-old Tanner L. Stichka. Stichka was killed after approaching a man in a van in front of the Walmart.

Police received another call about an hour and a half after the event that Zeke was in a hot car. Officers approached the car, and the door was unlocked, so officers were able to remove him and transport him to a local vet.

According to the post, Officer Victoria Myers sat with Zeke at the vet before being admitted. While at the vet, a random person donated $100 for Zeke’s care.

On Thursday morning, two SPD officers picked Zeke up and took him to his regular vet, waiting to be picked up by family. SPD says Zeke is doing well.