ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A St. Ann man faces four felonies over the assault of his girlfriend who he suspected was cheating on him.

Prosecutors have charged Javiaz Edwards, 31, with two counts of first-degree assault, kidnapping and unlawful use of a weapon. Edwards is accused of hurting his girlfriend on Monday and Tuesday.

According to court documents, the victim returned home to her St. Ann apartment earlier this week when Edwards immediately began accusing her of cheating on him. Investigators say Edwards began hurting her with his fists and strangled her until she passed out. She awoke to him kicking her and struck her multiple times after that.

Per court documents, the victim was cut on her hand while trying to protect herself. Eventually, the victim was able to escape out of a window and run to her relatives’ residence nearby. The victim was later sent to a hospital with cuts and an apparent head injury.

After speaking to the victim, police responded to her apartment and found blood on the wall and pillowcase, a destroyed flatscreen television, a destroyed cell phone, and a knife hidden in the closet. Evidence later led officers to Edwards.

“It never ceases to sadden and amaze me, the abuse some people will inflict on an intimate partner,” said St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell. “I am so grateful that the victim in this case escaped with her life. As tragic as this situation was, it could have been even more so.”

Edwards is jailed in St. Louis County on a $300,000 bond. His attorneys are seeking to reduce bond, per court records. He has a preliminary hearing in the case scheduled for August 11.