ST. ANN, Mo. – What began as an investigation into a car theft from the Menard’s parking lot in St. Ann on Thursday, ended later that night with a juvenile suspect taken into custody.  

St. Ann police say a 14-year-old was hiding in a trash can near the Pear Tree Apartments and was in possession of a firearm stolen from Ferguson. 

“Juvenile delinquency is a huge problem,” said Lt. Blake Carrigan, St. Ann Police Department.  

Earlier in the week, just a few municipalities south, Ladue police investigated an attempted carjacking involving a vehicle driven by a mother and her infant. The suspects, 14 and 15, were arrested and charged

The stolen vehicle in the St. Ann case was a Kia. Carrigan credits the use of Flock cameras for helping police identify the location of that vehicle. Several area police departments assisted in the effort to locate the suspect.

“Another jurisdiction attempted to spike-strip the vehicle,” said Carrigan. “The driver of that car actually attempted to hit that officer. Fortunately, that officer is fine. He was not stuck.” 

As the search for the suspect intensified, police received a tip from a member of the St. Ann Neighborhood Watch group. They reported someone climbing into a trash can. 

When police arrived, Carrigan said they opened the trash can and found the suspect. Police believe that suspect and two others are responsible for multiple crimes in the St. Louis area.

The 14-year-old was turned over to the juvenile courts. Police are still looking for the other two individuals.

Carrigan said Flock cameras have helped police solve multiple crimes. He also credits the St. Ann Neighborhood Watch group for being active and reporting suspicious behavior.  

“It just goes to show the community partnership with policing is a huge benefit,” said Carrigan.