ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Police are searching for multiple suspects behind numerous violent crimes across the region.

Authorities say one group is linked to recent crimes in the cities of St. Ann, Charlack, and St. Charles, Missouri. The latest, an overnight smash-and-grab burglary in St. Ann, was caught on camera.

The St. Ann Police Department tells FOX 2 they are looking for several suspects in a burglary at the Kings Food Mart on St. Charles Rock Road. That happened around 3:30 a.m. Friday.

FOX 2 acquired surveillance video from police that shows the suspect crash into the front door of the store. Both doors were shattered and suffered bent frames upon impact.

In the video, a suspect jumps out of the car and then over the counter as he grabs an undisclosed amount of cash and the store’s safe. The suspect also left with several Little Debbie’s products, leaving a display completely empty.

“Officers discovered a window had been broken and later revealed the vehicle had gone through the window and into the business,” said Blake Carrigan with the St. Ann Police Department. “At one point, the employee was inside the business, ran to the back, locked himself in the safe room and was not injured.”

Police believe the suspect did not act alone. Investigators say the crew is also linked to a similar burglary in Charlack and an armed carjacking in St. Charles.

“We believe the group of individuals who committed this crime in Charlack is connected to a carjacking in St. Charles City and multiple smash and grabs throughout St. Louis City and St Louis County,” said Carrigan.

Police were able to locate the stolen vehicle in East St. Louis, but are sending a dire warning to the region.

“These individuals use stolen cars to commit the crimes,” said Carrigan. “We know that’s a problem, day in and day out.”

Anyone with information on the Kings Food Mart burglary is asked to contact the St. Ann Police Department, or your nearest law enforcement agency any other crimes potentially linked to the recent crime spree.