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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The First Capitol Animal Hospital in St. Charles is offering a $500 reward in the case of a woman who’s altering the messages on the sign outside the clinic. She has repeatedly turned the funny phrases on the sign into something “sexually explicit.” The sign has become a neighborhood favorite with puns like the current, “We like big mutts and we cannot lie.”

“Yeah, that’s a good one,” said Jessica Peluso, who was picking up lunch near the animal hospital.

“We wanted (the messages) to be comedic just to give people a little chuckle on their way ‘to’ and ‘from’ work,” said Dr. Tim Sullivan, the veterinarian who owns and operates the animal hospital.

Twice in recent months, including this past week, a woman has rearranged the letters into a sexually explicit message for all passersby to see.

A post on the animal hospital’s Facebook page has surveillance photos of the woman caught in the act and offers a $500 reward for identifying her.

“It makes me cringe because we’re in a neighborhood. There’s kids, houses 50 feet on either side of us. We’re right across the street from a nice church,” Dr. Sullivan said.

“Yeah, I would want it stopped for sure,” said Sarah Wood, a member of the church across the street. “This is St. Charles. It’s a loving community. We don’t stand for that.”

“You don’t need to be changing my sign to obscene messages in the middle of the night. It’s really unfortunate. It’s just not funny,” Dr. Sullivan said.

St. Charles Police have increased patrols near the hospital and are looking into a possible citation for trespassing.