ST. CHARLES — A St. Charles company helps its employees at the gas pump by filling up their tanks. Since 1974, Natoli Engineering has been at the forefront of business.   

The family-owned tablet compression tool manufacturer makes tools for pharmaceutical companies, automotive makers, and more. 

With gas prices giving everyone grief, brothers Vince and Dale Natoli started a gas assistance subsidy.   

“So basically, what we did is used $3 as our base price for gasoline. We calculated the miles from your home to your workplace then average 20 miles per gallon per vehicle,” said Dale Natoli, the president of Natoli Engineering.  “Then, we took that and calculated that, and we gave you that financial support at the end of every week.”  

The global company is in its second week of the subsidy program. About 200 employees in Missouri, as well as states in Pennsylvania and Idaho, noticed an increase in their paychecks while gas prices continue to rise. 

“You know, this is our workforce and that makes a company,” said Natoli. “Without the employees and a good quality workforce, you don’t have a company. With that in mind, you really want to offer any kind of financial support that you can. We appreciate the fact that they come to work.  If there’s anything we can do to help them do that, we’re going to do that.”  

Natoli said they will continue their gas subsidy program at their other two locations in Garden Grove, California, and Long Island, New York. It’s not determined how long the program will last.