ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The St. Charles County Council is set to vote on a property-tax freeze for seniors Monday night. If the bill passes, the county would become the first in the region to approve this kind of tax break.

The measure that the St. Charles County Council is voting on would localize the one that the Missouri legislature passed earlier this year. Governor Mike Parson signed it into law.

The new Missouri law allows individual counties to freeze property tax rates on the primary homes of people ages 62 and up. It would also create a tax credit to offset the cost of their property taxes and end state taxes on social security benefits starting in 2024.

The proposed legislation also ends state taxes on social security benefits starting in 2024. The tax freeze would apply to all taxing jurisdictions located within St. Charles County. Think things like school districts and fire districts, not just the portion of a property tax bill that goes to the county itself.

About 2% of the total property tax goes to the county for the dedicated road and bridge fund and the dispatch and alarm fund.

County Executive Steve Ehlmann is expected to address the possible impacts this would have and the possibility of any court challenges before the meeting set for 7:00 p.m. The County Council is scheduled to make a final vote at a meeting set for Monday night in the executive building on North 3rd Street.

Keep in mind that if you still owe property taxes from previous years, you will still need to pay that balance.

For more information about the property tax freeze for seniors, click here.