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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A little after midnight on June 26, two brothers were rescued by St. Charles County first responders from a fire in their home at 915 Parkcrest Drive. 

Smoke started filling the room when the 14-year-old teen started to smell smoke and noticed it was filling the home. His 8-year-old brother was upstairs sleeping.

He ran to wake him, but the smoke became too much for them to exit through the first level. 

The St. Charles Fire Department said the boys were home alone and were unable to release their names to the public. 

An initial report said a rug in the downstairs bathroom caught on fire from an undetermined source. 
St. Charles County Police Officers Rujawitz, Hairston, O’Brien, Maxwell, and Santoni were the first to arrive on the scene and assist EMS and firemen in the rescue. 

Ladders were extended to the second story of the townhome and both children were rescued from a bedroom window within two minutes of first responders arriving on the scene.

The children were taken to Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The next crew arrived on the scene and extinguished the fire. The fire did not burn the building very much but the smoke did significant damage.

The investigation is still ongoing. Reports say there was limited fire damage, the building did sustain significant smoke damage.

Firefighters want to remind everyone that working smoke detectors, knowing how to call 911, and an escape plan are essential for emergencies like this. Children and adults should all know who to call during a fire because it saved the lives of these children.