ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – St. Charles County issued a state of emergency Wednesday following St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis who declared a state of emergency Tuesday after major flooding.

Tuesday’s flooding caused roads to closed, homes evacuated, and left hundreds of motorists stranded. After the Dardenne Creek Levee breached north of St. Peters in the St. Charles County area, the water poured across Highway C flooding nearby parks such as Lone Wolff Park, which is immersed in water.

Officials said St. Charles County received 12 inches of rain and the Dardenne Creek rose 20 feet in eight hours. The flood victims at Creekside apartments struggled to clean up the flood debris.

Amanda Dziera said she had to carry her one-year-old son through the high water.

“My 16-year-old woke me up telling me, I thought it was a nightmare, telling me it was a flood, said Dziera. “I looked over and my one-year-old was in his swing. The water was up to the bottom of his swing and we picked up everything we could picked up. I thought I was dreaming and I wasn’t and I grabbed him. “

Currently, Dziera said she tried to recover some of her possessions like photos, furniture, and clothes. She said the residents were not expecting a flood to happen.

“I was asleep, if my 16-year-old had not been here to wake me up, my baby would have died, said Dziera. “The water was touching him and no alarms going off, there was nothing telling me this was a disaster.”

Michael Reynolds, the owner of Michael’s Flooring Outlet in St. Peters said they lost thousands in flooring.

“I had a flood and the waters came up into the building, which totally destroyed everything we had and other customer’s products,” said Reynolds. “I got workers and staff, but they are busy cleaning up. Water came up that is not supposed to flood down here these things are not supposed to happen.”

Officials said they will try and help homeowners and businesses in the area impacted by the massive flood to get back on their feet. Authorities said they will have to wait until the water at the Lone Wolff Park recedes to determine the amount of damage.