ST. CHARLES, Mo. — A St. Charles County police chief has been testing real-time cameras that can help with fighting crime in the area.

Police Chief Kurt Frisz said the county has been testing one of those cameras at the intersection of Feise and Bryan roads for the past couple of months.    

The cameras can scan license plates and trigger an alert for law enforcement when a vehicle linked to a felony is detected.  St. Charles County approved a memo of understanding, allowing the police department to monitor a bank of cameras used by the St. Louis County Police Department. 

“Crime doesn’t know jurisdictional boundaries,” said Frisz.  

He said many of the crimes committed in St. Charles County have connections to communities east of the county.  

Frisz said a St. Charles County police sergeant began working at the St. Louis County’s Regional Information and Intelligence Center last week. A St. Charles County detective will be heading there next week.  

“They can adjust a camera to see if they can help officers on the ground,” said Frisz.   

He expects the use of cameras by law enforcement to grow and insists the effort should not be a privacy concern. 

“If you’re wanted for a felony or committing a felony crime, then law enforcement has a special interest in you,” said Frisz.  “That’s what we’re looking for.  It’s about public safety.”   

He also believes cameras will help keep first responders safe.  

“I think it’s going to be a big benefit to law enforcement in the region,” said Frisz.