St. Charles County tables resolution over quarantine rules for schools


ST. CHARLES, Mo.– The St. Charles County Council tabled a resolution over quarantine rules for students.

Resolution 21-09 was up for debate. If passed, the power of deciding how students at St. Charles schools quarantine will be up to the school board instead of the health department.

Currently, the health department makes the decisions.

For many, their concern is whether quarantine and other covid rules such as mask and vaccine mandates should be handled by the government or by the individual. 

“What we ought to be doing is taking care of our health and the education of our children and we the parents decide what’s best for our children, not you,” said Parent, Lindy Wiliford.                

Wiliford is in favor of the resolution.

But with every comment for the resolution, there was another one against it asking to let the power reside with health officials.

“What freedoms are we talking about? The freedom to get sick or possibly die, the freedom to infect others, and possibly risk our health, in environments with low vaccination rates, the main freedom is actually afforded to the virus itself,” said public commenter, Nancy Zolner.

The St. Charles County Council believes that the state regulations on COVID-19 exposure and quarantine are hurting students’ ability to learn.

The resolution says individual school boards should be the decision-makers. 

The St. Charles County Council states in the resolution that current quarantine rules are hurting. 

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