ST. CHARLES — A Missouri Lottery player hit the jackpot after buying a ticket at the St. Charles Moto Mart on South 5th Street for the February 24th drawing. The player regularly purchases a ticket after dropping his child off at school.

The Show Me Cash ticket matched all the winning numbers drawn. Jackpots in this game start at $50,000 and grow until won. The player won $480,000 during this drawing. The chances of that happening are about one in 575,000.

“At first, I didn’t believe it,” he tells the Missouri Lottery. “It was very exciting. The kids were going crazy!”

The man plans to use some of the money to buy a motorcycle and to take a family vacation. He tells lotto work, “It just doesn’t seem real!.”

Tonight’s Show Me Cash jackpot is $211,000. The overall chances of winning a prize is around 1 in 4.21.