ST. CHARLES, Mo. — St. Charles Riverfest ends its three days of the fourth of July festivities with a firework celebration Monday night.

The event had food, live music, and carnival rides, the historic river town marked the day while temperatures soared.

The Riverfest parade kicked off Monday, rolling down the cobblestoned historic St. Charles Main Street.

The annual tradition, presented by the St. Charles Jaycees brought families out Monday morning.

“It’s everything,” said Donna Jackson from Wentzville. “It’s what our country was founded on, our freedoms. It’s so important. I just find it to be my favorite holiday.”

The visitors found a way to keep cool in the heat.

“By dumping water on our heads and we got a nice canopy,” said Kristen Laxson from St. Charles.

She said her family will camp out until the fireworks Monday night.

“I love how when you get a good spot, it feels like the fireworks will just fall on you. It’s amazing,” said Laxson.

Craig McCullough, CEO of Meats and More said he is ‘staying hydrated’ in the heat.

“We’ve got plenty of water, cases of water that we stay hydrated, and we drink and drink and drink and we just have fun and enjoy ourselves,” said McCullough.

The Fountain City Amusements Carnival kicked off at noon, offering a respite from the stifling heat, and a fun time for a first-time carnival goer.

“That was the best way to cool off because it slings you from side to side,” said Brandy Mitchell.

Carolyn Fox of St. Charles, who attended the event, said the meaning behind the fourth of July is getting together and celebrating the holiday.

“Also our relatives and everybody that fought in different wars over the years and helped to keep our freedom,” said Carolyn.

“And the older you get the more you realize we kind of take our freedom for granted because so many people don’t have freedom in this world,” said Allen Fox, St. Charles.

The fireworks begin at 9:20 p.m. The rides at Riverfest run until 10 p.m.