ST. LOUIS — Tonight marks the start of the NFL season, leaving some St. Louis fans wondering which team to support. Since the St. Louis Rams were sold in 2015, St. Louis has been without an NFL team.

Eight years have passed since the Rams became the Los Angeles Rams. This marked the second time an NFL team had left St. Louis, with the NFL Cardinals departing for Arizona in 1988. The Rams, who ended a seven-year NFL team drought in 1995, left St. Louis 21 seasons later. This story recaps the last game the Rams played in St. Louis.

Eight years later, who should St. Louis support for the eighth season without an NFL team? Tonight’s first game features the Detroit Lions against the Kansas City Chiefs, and some FOX 2 viewers are voting for the Chiefs. We asked our Facebook fans who they were planning on rooting for in the upcoming NFL season.

  • Jen B.D. said, “Chiefs! STL native and season ticket holder for 22 years.”
  • Jessica D. said, “I mean, the Chiefs are in Missouri, so there’s that.”
  • Diane M. said, “True Chiefs fans, let’s go, boys.”

But some are against the KC Chiefs:

  • Rukiya L said, “I’ll root for the South-Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs before I ever root for the KC Chiefs.”
  • Peter S. said, “Not the Chiefs. Their CEO played a big role in the Rams’ relocation. I don’t understand why anyone in STL would root for the Chiefs.” 

Some are still hardcore Rams fans:

  • William B. said, “I’m still for the Rams. Don’t forget the Chiefs’ owner also voted for the Rams to move.”
  • Lauren H. said, “I’m still rooting for the Rams here.”

There were many suggestions:

  • Keith S. said, “I grew up as a Cowboys’ fan for 42 years. I will die as a Cowboys fan, so let’s go Cowboys.”
  • Jamie D. P. said, “49ers, baby.”
  • Anthony W. said, “The Patriots…because when the St. Louis Rams lost against them in Super Bowl 36, it changed history and the trajectory of both teams.”
  • Kelly H. said, “Detroit Lions! Best of luck to Sam LaPorta from Highland, Illinois, and his team!”

Some didn’t have a preference.

  • Jeanne M. said, “Whoever is playing against the Rams and Patriots…”
  • Bob R. said, “Whoever plays the Cowboys.”

Then some were just having fun.

  • Jillian C. said, “Easy; just pick whatever team your boyfriend likes. It works like a charm.”
  • Scott D. said, “My only rooting interest is my fantasy team and whoever I bet on.”