St. Louis air travelers face unusual December weather


ST. LOUIS — St. Louis Lambert International Airport officials closely monitored Wednesday’s weather because the forecast called for wind gusts into the evening.  

Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge said gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour can be concerning.  As of early Wednesday evening, the weather conditions in St. Louis did not prompt any delays. 

“We have great runway systems and long runways,” said Hamm-Niebruegge. “Typically, if it’s not a crosswind, they can land.” 

Some passengers arrived at St. Louis Lambert International Airport earlier in the day hoping to greet loved ones.  Delays in cities west of St. Louis created some setbacks.  

Angela Tanksley drove to St. Louis Lambert International Airport from Poplar Bluff expecting her daughter’s flight from Salt Lake City to be on time. 

“It was supposed to leave at 9 o’clock this morning,” she said.  Tanksley said weather conditions were to blame. 

Casey Keith was waiting for word to see if her flight to Seattle would be delayed.  

“I’m just hoping we get off the ground on time and hopefully the winds won’t pick up too much before we get out of here,” Keith said.

Hamm-Niebruegge said it’s always a good idea to check with your airline for any travel delay information.  

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