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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Hundreds of flight delays and cancelations continue across the country as major airlines like United and Delta have cut flights due to staff shortages and COVID-19. But in spite of it all, travel ran smoothly at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport.

“We’re so getting to see each other again to spend time with family. My mom’s out in Troy. My grandma’s out there as well, so I’m going to go see them,” said traveler Tiara Rea-Palmer.

Rea-Palmer and her wife, Adriann, just arrived from California on Sunday for an extended Christmas. It’s is the first time they’ve seen their St. Louis family in two years due to the pandemic.

“I’m just super excited. It’s been way too long. I’ve been bugging her ever since I knew she was coming up for flight details. I miss her a lot. We’re really close and it’s been hard with the pandemic,” Rea-Palmer said.

There have been some hiccups and uncertainty for many travelers, with large crowds, ride-shares, and flight cancelations.

“Did have issues getting an Uber and left that kind of transportation. Not a lot of availability in California. We got canceled on and it was a mad rush the airport. But the fight for us was okay,” Adriann Rea-Palmer said.

According to flight-tracking website, seven flights were canceled in St. Louis on Sunday – two flights on Alaska Airlines, three on Spirit, and two on Cape Air.

More than 600 flights around the U.S. were canceled Sunday.

“It’s much more than what we had this time last year… America’s traveling, so people got to be preparing for longer lines and need to take some consideration to look at websites and flights ahead of time,” said Roger Lotz, St. Louis Airport spokesman.

There’s also been more than 70 minor delays at the airport as well, according to