ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. –  At a meeting later Tuesday morning, people who are working to make traffic lights safer in St. Louis County are likely to make some progress.

St. Louis Alderman Joe Vaccaro recently proposed a bill. It would turn traffic lights green when police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks pass through in emergencies. They would stay red for everyone else at an intersection.

The St. Louis Streets and Traffic Committee will hold a hearing on the issue at 10:00 a.m. FOX 2’s Elliott Davis brought the idea to Vaccaro after St. Charles County passed a similar system.

Vaccaro is the chairman of the Public Safety Committee. The bill he introduced directs the city of St. Louis Street Department to install an emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption system. This causes stoplights to turn green for first responders, allowing them the right-of-way.

Vaccaro explained that this would reduce emergency response times and enhance traffic safety. Vaccaro also said the board unanimously passed a resolution supporting the idea, and he’s confident the proposal will continue moving forward.