Update: St. Louis aldermen did not issue an invitation to law enforcement during today’s committee meeting.

ST. LOUIS – A committee of St. Louis aldermen has questions for the FBI. In July, federal agents raided the Uhuru House on Gravois Avenue and the one in St. Petersburg, Florida. They’re run by the African People’s Socialist Party. The feds say the Russian government was using the group to spread Russian propaganda and influence U.S. elections.

Leaders of the group deny being part of a Russian conspiracy. On Wednesday, the aldermen’s public safety committee extended an invitation to the FBI and police.

Some aldermen proposed a resolution, which is non-binding, requiring St. Louis Police to not cooperate with federal agents to quote – “attack black community organizers.”

The proposal would also make St. Louis City a refuge for African people struggling for social justice.

Correction: The FBI and police have not agreed to meet about this proposal. An earlier version of this article stated that plans were in place.