ST. LOUIS — You may have noticed that many St. Louis area Arby’s restaurants have been under renovation over the past year. The work is now complete and customers are being offered a deal to help celebrate.

The Flynn Restaurant Group says that they invested $11.5 million revitalizing 32 locations across the area. The restaurant group says that the refreshed locations added 500 jobs to the local economy.

The remodeling work began in January 2022. The improvements took a few weeks to complete at each location. Drive-throughs remained open with special deals for customers while the work was being done. Work on the restaurants is now complete.

The renovated businesses have new exteriors, and improved interiors. That includes modern lighting, chalkboard graphics, multi-colored wood, and more.

You can now grab a special deal at St. Louis area Arby’s locations. They are offering a four for $10 Classic Roast Beef Sandwich bundle at the Flynn Restaurant Group owned locations.