ST. LOUIS – Regional activists from the National Campaign for Human Dignity gathered Saturday in St. Louis to address the Israeli-Hamas war.

A group addressed the conflict during a news conference downtown on Spruce Street. They are calling on Israel to halt the bombing of Gaza and to end the blockage.

But one of the spokesmen, Walle Amusa, also reserved some criticism for Hamas as well.

“We believe that no amount of terrorism or justification for terrorism is acceptable,” said Amusa. “We oppose Hamas killing innocent civilians in Israel we oppose the bombardment by the Israeli government of civilians in Gaza both acts of terrorism.”

Elliott Davis responded with this question. “You would not classify what Israel’s reaction as terrorism in as much as they are responding to the Hamas attack?

Amusa answered, “The Israelis did not start the attack by Hamas are innocent Israeli people and innocent civilians. Hamas started that. We held a press conference today to condemn that.”

“We also held a press conference today to condemn the bombardment that Israel is engaging in as a reaction,” she continued.

Among other demands, the group is calling for an end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza, and the end of an effort to push people out of part of Gaza, and US-brokered peace talks.