ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – At Castlewood State Park, the Meramec River isn’t impacting too much just yet. However, those levels are expected to crest just shy of the minor flood stage later this weekend. 

Jordan Oppolo, the assistant superintendent at Castlewood, said the park sees flooding every year, so they know what to expect. She said minor flooding will impact the peninsula and the River Scene Trail, plus a lower lot and bathrooms. 

If you’re going to be visiting any parks impacted by flooding this weekend remember not to go into the floodwaters. Not only is it dangerous, but there are also bacteria risks in that situation. 

The higher the water gets with subsequent rains, the more impacts we’ll see not only at Castlewood State Park but at other places along the Meramec and in other flood plains. 

Just down the road in Valley Park, the Meramec Greenway and Simpson Park Trails could soon be impacted by the rising water. Michael and Frances McNiff say they walk the trail almost daily. 

“I’ve seen it like this before and I think if we get one more good rainfall I think it’ll come up. This trail is several times underwater,” said Michael. 

Levels along the trail expected to climb around another 6 feet by Sunday afternoon. 

The McNiffs will likely have to change their daily routine as more rainfall potentially affects the area. 

“We’ll have to find a different trail to walk for a few days until it goes back down,” said Frances.

Rain and thunderstorm threats are likely late Friday evening, adding to flood risks for the area. Download the FOX 2 weather and news apps to stay up-to-date on developing conditions.