St. Louis area postal service customers share frustrations, solutions for delivery peace of mind


FERGUSON, Mo. – Many Ferguson residents say they aren’t having any problems with their mail getting delivered.

Yet, Phoebe Cole said she is on high alert after seeing our report earlier this week that stacks of undelivered mail were found in a dumpster behind a Ferguson business.

“That was terrible. All that mail. I hope they investigate and find out who did that because that is very irresponsible,” she said.

Cole and others say they use the USPS Informed Delivery app. Every day you can see scanned images of the mail you should be receiving that day and if you should expect any packages.

Shirley Everett, who lives in north St. Louis City, says her mail service is sporadic. She says they just got a carrier assigned specially to her route, so she’s getting better delivery service. Now, Everett says the problem is how long it takes for outdoing mail to get to its destination.

As for the mail found in the dumpster in Ferguson, agents with the US Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General are investigating.

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