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ST. LOUIS – Wednesday’s clear skies were perfect for some stargazing. That’s a first for the St. Louis Astronomical Society this summer.

“We’ve been trying to do this since April and it’s either been monsoons, set on broil, or in between storms,” said Brad Waller, the Society’s vice president.

Since 2004, they’ve been gathering during warm weather months in Francis Park, near the intersection of Tamm and Itaska, to look to the skies. They have stargazing events on Wednesdays near the first quarter moon.

“On the first quarter moon, because the Moon’s dim enough that it shows other objects in the sky. And it all else fails, we at least have the Moon to look at,” Waller said.

All are welcome to attend the event. If you have a telescope, bring it. If not, they will provide have one for you. Depending on the month, members will help you see stars, planets, the moon, and more.

With all the excitement about the James Webb Space Telescope and NASA’s Artemis missions to the Moon, the St. Louis Astronomical Society is eager to educate others about the beauty of space.

“We have monthly meetings at WashU on the third Friday of every month. We have different topics. So, if you want to find out more about space,” Waller said.

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