ST. LOUIS – We’re getting closer to that time of year when families travel all around the United States for summer road trips. Of course, if you’re heading somewhere unfamiliar, there’s one part of the experience that can really lift spirits. The food.

You might pick a restaurant based on friendly recommendations or something you’re craving. Whatever the reason, food experts from want to help. They just released a report naming the “best road trip food stop in every state,” can’t-miss selections that are backed by Yelp reviews.

If you’re passing through the Midwest and you’re hungry, hopefully St. Louis is on your way. One well-known barbecue joint in the Gateway City takes the title as the “best road trip food stop” in Missouri.

Insider has bestowed the honor to Pappy’s Smokehouse, located at 3106 Olive Street in Midtown.

Open since 2008, Pappy’s has won numerous awards for its BBQ, including “Best Ribs in America” by Food Network and “Missouri’s Best BBQ Joint” by Southern Living. The restaurant prides itself on Memphis-style barbecue and has served more than four million visitors from around the globe.

Insider cited this specific review from Yelp user Craig J.: “The best BBQ I’ve had. Our road trips following the Florida Gators have taken us all over the south and beyond. Had the ‘que in Memphis, Birmingham, Lexington, Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta and beyond. Pappys is the best.”

In 2018, FOX 2’s Elliott Davis had a chance to tour the restaurant, sample some food and enjoy the experience for himself. “You talk about delicious, that looks delicious. We could just stay here all day,” says Elliott during the tour.

You won’t have to travel too far from Pappy’s for another place deemed as the “best road trip food stop” for its state. In Illinois, Firefly Grill in Effingham takes the title, offering a variety of fresh food selections. That’s only about an hour and a half away from St. Louis.

If you’re planning a trip of any kind soon, check out Insider’s selections to find the best bites near you.