ST. LOUIS – Big Shark Bicycle Company, a full-service bicycle retail and repair company based in St. Louis, will open a location at City Foundry later this year.

The company offers a diverse inventory of bikes and products, full-service repairs, and professionally trained staff while aiming to promote St. Louis as a bike-friendly city.

“With this new location, we want to show off the in-depth knowledge our staff has not only about bike models but also how to repair and maintain your bikes,” says Mike Weiss, owner and co-founder of Big Shark Bicycle Company. “City Foundry offers a diverse intersection of people, and we want to become that departure point for people’s journey, whether they are just learning how to ride a bike or have been doing it for years. We cannot wait to join this historic property and its community.”

Big Shark Bicycle Company, first founded in 1933, has expanded with multiple stores and training centers in St. Louis City, Chesterfield and West County. The new location is expected to open at some point before the end of the year on the far west side of City Foundry underneath Alamo Drafthouse.

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