ST. LOUIS — People are remembering the life of a St. Louis blues musician. Tom Hall died in a house fire a week ago today. He performed at SqWires in Lafayette Square for nearly two decades. The restaurant was packed with mourners. SqWires’ management, friends, and fans all came out to pay tribute to the longtime favorite, Tom Hall. He was supposed to play on Friday, but he died.

The blues singer was presumed dead in a house fire last week. Hall performed at SqWires regularly. He was scheduled to perform Friday, but unfortunately, a memorial was held in its place. A fundraiser for his family was held instead. All proceeds donated via bar sales went to his family. They will continue to accept donations from anyone who wants to help. Tom has a daughter who is expecting; the proceeds will help her.

The fire is still under investigation. The police are currently waiting for autopsy results. In the meantime, another memorial will take place next week.