St. Louis Board of Aldermen approve new 14 ward map


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The number of wards represented by aldermen has been halved from 28 to 14. The St. Louis Board of Aldermen has overwhelmingly approved a new map of the new district lines.

The City of St. Louis has had 28 aldermen since the city had a population of 850,000 people. Now the population is 308,000 and there are still 28 aldermen.

City voters passed a measure to cut the wards and number of aldermen in half in 2012. Voters approved the measure to increase efficiency in government and to save money. The deadline to get the new wards drawn is the end of this year.

“I would like to thank all of the members of the Board of Aldermen for coming together and working tirelessly and diligently on this effort. A vote without objection today on a redistricting map like this is remarkable and truly historic,” writes Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed.

Each of the 14 wards has around 21,500 people. Half of the wards are majority African-American and half are majority white. More than 85 percent of the neighborhoods were kept intact and in one ward.

The Board of Aldermen has been working on the map over the past seven weeks. They have shared drafts of the map with the public and made changes to it after receiving their comments.

A bill outlining the new wards is now headed to the mayor’s desk for approval. The map will affect aldermanic representation after the April 2023 election.

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