ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Board of Aldermen meets Friday, and it will be the first full meeting since three board members resigned.

Earlier this month, St. Louis Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed, as well as current and former aldermen Jeffrey Boyd and John Collins-Muhammad, were indicted on federal bribery and corruption charges linked to pay-to-play schemes. Federal investigators say the former aldermen took cash to help secure tax abatements for a business developer. All three have resigned from their positions as of Tuesday.

Interim board president Joe Vollmer will run the meeting. The board of aldermen will consider a new resolution, which calls for a moratorium on tax abatement bills for this current board session.

Aldermen have several other issues on the agenda as well. A new bill would allow independent investigations of misconduct by law enforcement officers. It would create a division of civilian oversight in the department of public safety, in addition to a public integrity unit. The circuit’s attorney’s office would direct the public integrity unit.

The Board of Aldermen could also review another bill nearing final passage, one that would ban tents on all city “rights of way.” MoDOT removed a homeless encampment earlier this year. Some of the homeless community had been living in tents under Interstate 44 near Laclede’s landing.

Aldermen will also consider a bill to create a “city youth council” in order to better serve the needs of the children and young people of St. Louis. For the full agenda of Friday’s meeting, click here.