CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – It’s Joe Gaurino’s 100th birthday, and the newly crowned centenarian is holding court.

Banners and balloons are only part of this party. Joe’s about to get a special surprise.

Joe’s 98-year-old brother, Jim, and his family are joining the celebration virtually from Arizona. Their little brother, 94-year-old Frank, is also here to celebrate.

“Frank was always the instigator. He was always in trouble. Can you still remember Enright after all these years?” asked Joe Guarino.

Enright Avenue, just north of Forest Park, is where the Gaurino brothers grew up.

“We went through all the trials and tribulations. Measles, mumps. Whatever happened. We had all the other things. Fortunately, we’re lucky.” said Jim Guarino.

“We got along. We tried our best, and here we are,” added Joe Guarino.

When Uncle Sam called, Joe and Jim answered. They entered the Army, serving in World War Two. Joe was stationed in Italy. Jim is in France. Frank would’ve joined them if not for an eye injury.

“We would go and pick up our wounded brothers, bring them back to a station hospital that we set up. The only good memories I have are of being with my buddies and coming back home,” said Jim Guarino.

Pictures of their wartime presence and Joe’s army uniform, are reminders of the painful but important place in history they hold.

“We were part of the greatest generation,” added Jim Guarino.

These three brothers, or “tre fratelli,” as it’s said in Italian, have lived a combined 292 years on earth.

“Maybe the guy upstairs has given us a little more life by saying, Hey, you guys have been pretty good, so keep it up,” said Joe Gaurino.

With a brotherly bond as strong as their Sicilian stock, they plan to celebrate more of these milestones together.