ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Cardinals want baseball fans to forgo Black Friday sales and take part in their Red Friday on Nov. 18.

“Tickets for the 2023 season will go on sale on what we are calling Red Friday,” said Joe Strohm, vice president of ticket sales. “It’s the start of the holiday season. You can get packs or all-inclusive packs in our all-inclusive areas.”

The Cardinals’ management said that the inclusive areas provide a variety of options, from hot dogs, brats, and nachos to finer restaurant fare.

“Packs start as low as 54 dollars, and that would be our T-shirt pack,” Strohm said. “Where once a month, there will be a day where you walk away with a nice t-shirt and be able to watch the Cardinals play baseball at a very affordable price.”

The team is offering five games, six games, and 10 games packs in 2023. The Redbirds will bid farewell to some veterans while welcoming new faces and teams next year as well.

The team will host the New York Yankees, open the season with the Toronto Blue Jays, and host Kansas City on Memorial Day.

“Megan Eberhardt and her staff do a wonderful job of sourcing items, and the quality is the best in baseball,” Strohm said. “It’s volume two, over 40 dates, there’s going to be 20 dates with wearables, about 10 dates that will have a bobblehead which are so popular.”

He said the team understands busy schedules, thus offering ticket sales early to get dates on calendars and a bit of baseball to look forward to over the winter.

“One, I know that I’m excited about is the early part of May when the Los Angeles Angels come to town,” Strohm said. “We’ll get to see Ohtani and Mike Trout. Players that don’t play in St. Louis that often, and that’s going to be exciting.”

Tickets go on sale on Friday morning at 10 a.m.