ST. LOUIS – A catering company in north St. Louis provided meals to those in need for the ninth consecutive year.

“The last three or four years have been crazy,” said Andrew Murray, owner of Murray’s Catering. “COVID has set everyone back, but we’re the lucky ones who’ve kept going in this break that everyone was having, and we just like giving back.”

Murray’s Catering offered food at Stanislaus Polish Catholic Church on Thanksgiving eve. Turkey, gravy, green beans, stuffing, and all the fixings were being loaded into vans and vehicles for delivery to non-profit organizations, senior centers, and the unhoused.

“We care for our neighbors and our community,” said Pastor Przenek Cichosz at Stanislaus Polish Catholic Church. “We have a food bank and food pantry here, and we cooperate for almost 10 years.”

Some people were still walking through the doors, and more meals were making their way out into the community. Word spread about how many people were getting a warm Thanksgiving meal this year.

“We put out about one thousand meals and got them delivered over to everyone, and it took about four hours,” said Kimberly Murray, co-owner of Murray’s Catering.

“I’m picking up dinners for our seniors,” said Pine Lawn Mayor Terry Epps. “Murray’s Catering, they do a wonderful job in supplying food to our community all year. It’s a blessing to our community, and we’re so excited to be working with them, and we’re so appreciative for all the things they’re doing in all communities.”