ST. LOUIS – With the temperatures in the triple-digit, going for a swim would be the perfect way to beat the heat this weekend. However, Citygarden closed its pools Friday due to the hot temperatures.

“But they closed these pools. These little wet spots for the kids. And that ain’t cool,” said St. Louis resident Michael Brown. “That’s what we need, water. Don’t we need water for the heat? To cool a fire down, you need water to cool a fire down because it’s hot out here. It’s a fire out here.”

Tabitha Maroney was with her daughter and some out-of-town visitors who have never experienced St. Louis summer.

“Sweltering. Sweating. Swampy, I think was the word we used,” said Maroney. “Sunday, he arrived and had never been to Missouri. So, the humidity was new for him. He walks out of the plane and was like, ‘Oh it’s hot.’ We’re like, ‘it’s 77 degrees.’ This is going to get bad. So, I think he’s now experiencing Missouri heat.

“I ain’t ever heard of this before. I never seen this before. I never been through it before. I never experienced it before,” said Brown. “She’s very disappointed. Very disappointed because they like to swim a lot.”

Visitors from New Jersey who were sightseeing around town weren’t used to the heat and humidity.

“We brought lots of water, but we’re going to be done with it by the time we pass this next building,” said Zach Birnbaum. “My personal goal is to at some point get on a scooter and whip around until all the sweat flies off of me.”

Brown said he’s going to find another pool to cool off from the heat.

“I’m just going to wait on my sister and we’re going to go find them another pool. It’s all good,” said Brown.

According to the signs at the Citygarden, their wading pools will be closed daily starting at noon through the weekend. The Spray Plaza will remain open all weekend.