ST. LOUIS – The City of St. Louis is one step closer to getting a new outdoor warning siren system.

The city’s Board of Estimate and Apportionment approved the 2024 budget proposal Monday, which includes buying a new $3.9 million outdoor warning siren system.

The money would come from the Economic Development Sales Tax Fund.

Monday’s approval comes after FOX 2 uncovered 2021 Facebook messages with City Emergency Management Commissioner Sarah Russell, who noted how old the two decade system is and the little funding available for repairs.

In an interview last week, Russell did not have a solid number on how many sirens do not work in the City of St. Louis.

“When you do these tests, because of the age of our system, each siren doesn’t necessarily respond,” Russell said.

A spokeswoman said earlier this month that the city’s infrastructure has changed, which may impact sound waves from the siren.

The commissioner said the proposal would come with an analysis of the city.

“That is going to include a study of the City of St. Louis which hasn’t been done since the last time the siren system was installed,” Russell said previously.

At present, the city has reserved $20,000 for repairs, but Russell has said there’s little wiggle room for maintenance.

It’s unclear how much money would be set aside for repairs.

The proposed budget will head to the full Board of Alderman for approval.