ST. LOUIS – Sharing back-to-school photos is a tradition for many parents, but St. Louis police urge caution before you post those pictures to social media.

It’s common for parents to take pictures with their children holding a chalkboard that shares information on their adventures for the upcoming school year.

While such pictures can capture memories in-the-making, that information could be picked up by predators, scammers, and other people looking to endanger their child, family, or finances. The St. Louis County Police Department warns people to be mindful of sharing photos with the following information.

  • School name
  • Age
  • Teacher’s name and grade
  • Identifying features (height, weight, etc.)
  • Personal interests and overly personal information (including things related to passwords or security question answers)

Police note parents and guardians can share photos with family and close friends, but perhaps not publicly on social media accounts. A photo with a sign that reads “first day of school” and nothing additional could suffice for parents wanting to share back-to-school photos.

The St. Louis County Police Department shared examples of what and what not to include in photos.