ST. LOUIS — The city is on the brink of a major change for short-term rentals as two bills face their final passage by the Board of Aldermen. For years, St. Louis has been one of the few cities in the region without specific regulations for short-term rentals.

Today, that might change due to growing concerns related to incidents at these rentals, including fights, the open carrying of firearms, and other violence, especially in the downtown area. Law enforcement has grappled with handling these issues, particularly street brawls.

These two bills successfully passed through the “perfection” phase last week, marking a significant step towards becoming law. They propose a range of regulations for short-term rentals, such as mandatory permits, annual reviews, and a 24/7 contact person to address issues. Additionally, a minimum two-night stay rule is on the horizon, with strict prohibitions against parties.

Violations of these rules could result in permit revocation and a $500 fine for each breach.

All eyes are on the Board of Aldermen as they convene at 10 a.m. to make a decision that will significantly impact St. Louis’s short-term rental industry.

This decision reflects the city’s pursuit of balance between tourism promotion and the safety of its residents. Stay tuned for updates on these bills.