OVERLAND, Mo. — The cooling centers are being activated in the St. Louis area. The region is under an excessive heat warning.

St. Louis County cooling shelter is operated inside the Salvation Army Family Haven on Page Avenue in Overland.

The center opened Tuesday and will remain open until September 9. It will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Officials said the dangerous heat can put residents, especially those who are homeless at risk. Heat index values Tuesday were over 100 and are expected to continue through Thursday.

The cooling shelter will accommodate up to 26 individuals and provide hot meals, laundry facilities, and case management services. It’s open to anyone who needs a cool place to stay. Officials said the sweltering heat can cause heat-related illnesses.

Peter Glickert, a public information manager at the St. Louis County Department said it does not take long for the body to overheat.

“Heat stroke, severe dehydration, I mean it only takes a few minutes for your body temperature to get to a really dangerous place,” said Glickert. “So really just trying to keep everybody as cool as possible.”

“This is a place, that’s easy, they can come, drop-in get cool for a while then go back outside,” said Major Nancy Mead with the Salvation Army. “It meets all the needs. Elderly can come here, children can come here, anyone can come here. It’s a cooling center for anyone that just needs to get out of this volatile heat.”

The cooling shelter at the Salvation Army Family Haven is at 10740 Page Avenue in Overland. Also, the United Way said those looking for a place to get out of the heat can call 211 to find a cooling site or to connect with other resources for help during heat waves.