ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man has been charged after breaking into a Breckenridge Hills convenience store twice. Police say this burglar was caught after cashing in stolen lottery tickets. Joseph Scott, 22, is now charged with burglary, property damage, and stealing.

According to a court document, Scott broke into Pop’s Kitchen on St. Charles Rock Road on August 28. Officers arrived at the scene for an alarm and found damage to the glass door.

Surveillance footage showed a person damaging the front door in order to enter. The person in the video is then seen taking money from a safe and cash register and cartons of cigarettes before leaving. The owner told police that $8,400 in cash was taken.

On September 1, Scott is accused of breaking into Pop’s Kitchen again. Officers arrived at the scene for an alarm and found the glass door had been damaged. The owner told police that $2,000 worth of lottery tickets were stolen along with $200 in cash.

When some of the stolen lottery tickets were cashed in, officers were notified. Surveillance footage showed Scott and another suspect cashing them in.

Officers went to Scott’s home and found clothing that matched what the suspect was wearing during the burglaries. Police say that Scott admitted to the burglaries as well as cashing in the stolen tickets.