ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Nearly one week after a St. Louis County Councilwoman announced her intent to file legislation to address gun violence, it’s been met with stark opposition from a fellow councilman.

Mark Harder, a St. Louis County Council Vice Chair who represents the county’s seventh district, announced Tuesday he opposes the push for legislation. He claims it would infringe on the Second Amendment rights of St. Louis County residents.

County chairwoman Shalonda Webb wants legislation to address gun violence, though has not yet announced whether any bills have been filed. She says change is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in St. Louis County.

Meanwhile, Harder offered this statement to FOX 2 on Tuesday in objection to such legislation:

“Any attempt to curtail the gun rights of law-abiding citizens in Missouri is a direct assault on our
Second Amendment. As a steadfast defender of our constitutional rights, I remain unwavering in
my commitment to our right to self-defense. I will always stand firm against any attempts that
seek to undermine the ability of Missourians to protect themselves and their loved ones as
efforts to prevent constitutional carry would.”

“Our focus must lie in the enforcement of existing laws and the removal of dangerous, criminal
elements from our streets. That is why I will continue to champion our dedicated police officers
and work tirelessly to secure the resources they require to ensure the safety of our community.”

According to the St. Louis County and Municipal Crime Map, around 20% of crimes in St. Louis County this year are ones coming against people, around 12% against society and around 67% against property. Data provided by the county shows ample response to crimes in 2022 in the North County and City of Jennings precincts.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis City, the Board of Aldermen recently addressed gun control by passing a bill that would require individuals open-carrying firearms to have a concealed carry permit. The bill is currently up for review from the mayor’s office.