ST. LOUIS – One St. Louis County councilwoman is considering legislation to combat concerns of gun violence.

County chairwoman Shalonda Webb announced Tuesday she is considering legislation. In a statement sent to FOX 2, Webb insists some change is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents in St. Louis County.

This was Webb’s statement:

“The safety of St. Louis County residents should be our number one priority. Daily, we are
bombarded with stories of gun violence in and around our communities. While there is no quick
fix or easy way to make all these problems disappear, government must make a difference
where it can.

In addition to concerns voiced by the community, I have also had conversations with St. Louis
City Alderwoman Cara Spencer and other city leaders on this matter. The visions of teenagers
walking the streets with guns and automatic weapons should be a concern for everyone. St.
Louis County residents should feel safe and free from threat in their homes and neighborhoods.
I am looking forward to working with my colleagues on the council to produce legislation that
moves the needle on this issue.”

According to the St. Louis County and Municipal Crime Map, around 20% of crimes in St. Louis County this year are ones coming against people, around 12% against society and around 67% against property. Data provided by the county shows ample response to crimes in 2022 in the North County and City of Jennings precincts.

Meanwhile, in St. Louis City, the Board of Aldermen recently addressed gun control by passing a bill that would require individuals open-carrying firearms to have a concealed carry permit. The bill is currently up for review from the mayor’s office.