St. Louis County couple celebrating 13th wedding anniversary on Halloween


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Temperatures are finally going to be cooling down this weekend and feeling more like the spooky season should. Kids in one neighborhood will be out tomorrow evening as the October chill starts to settle in.

A major Halloween tradition for one St. Louis County family continues this year, bringing joy and some ghostly chills to the neighborhood.

“So every year my wife and I decide to see how much Halloween stuff we can put in and around the house. And it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger as we go,” said Gary Lobstein, homeowner and Haunt designer. “So this year we decided to see how much we could do, how much we could put out, how scary we could make things around the neighborhood and it seems to be our neighbors enjoy it and they come out to support us.”

Gary and Julie Lobstein consider themselves obsessed with everything Halloween. In fact, their relationship has tight ties to the holiday as they’ll be celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary on the 31st.

“So my wife and I were engaged on Halloween and we were married on Halloween. I proposed to her on the haunted mansion ride down in Disney World and we got married at the City Museum downtown,” Lobstein said.

This year’s haunt will be scary fun for the whole family.

“We would consider it kid-friendly. No one’s in there hiding waiting to jump out at you. This year we decided to do a haunted hotel theme so we’ve got a lobby and an elevator and we’ve got some scary ghosts in there waiting to greet you,” he said.

The Lobsteins challenge themselves to make the haunt different each year and create an enjoyable outing for families

“We’re all looking for something fun to do and most of the time you see that happen at Christmas. So we’ve sort of taken that upon ourselves to be the Halloween people to try to give Halloween some of the spotlight around this time of year,” Lobstein said.

And while it doesn’t cost money to get in, donations are accepted and benefit a good cause.

“We spend a ton of money on Halloween stuff to pull this off every year and we never ask for any admission or money. But we thought it would be good for the community and we partnered with shelter friends because we like the kitties and we want to do something for the kitties,” he said.

The haunted house is located at 1207 Port Royal in St. Louis County and is open to anyone who wants to stop by every Friday in October and Halloween evening from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

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