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CLAYTON, Mo. – St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page is calling Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt a bully and a menace. Schmitt used his Twitter account on Friday night to tag Page in some posts. He also posted this tweet, “Forced masking and #CRT have exposed the establishment educrat class. They resent parents having a voice.”

St. Louis County removed its mask mandate last week after the county council did not continue the health order. The health order must be renewed every 30 days according to a new Missouri law.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt did not appeal a Cole County court ruling that makes health orders from local municipalities in the state harder to enforce. This is riling St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page, who is calling the move a political play by Schmitt. The AG is currently running for a soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat.

“As was widely reported last week, the county is no longer under a mask mandate. A court ruling 130 miles away that could gut public health and take away healthcare for the most vulnerable was not appealed by the attorney general, which comes as no surprise,” Page said.

“In his campaign for higher office, he is using the health of all of us in the game of who can be the most irresponsible to ensure the most headlines. So here is a headline for you. Those spreading misinformation and bullying children and parents are a menace to society. By not taking COVID-19 seriously and selling what amounts to carnival quackery as the pandemic rages on. Another variant is spreading, vaccine acceptance is lower than it needs to be. Hospitals here and across the country are sounding the alarm.

The Missouri attorney general’s office notes that Page is also running for reelection.

“The real menace is Sam Page’s continued efforts to force the masking of St. Louis County residents, including schoolchildren. We’re fighting these illegal mandates and winning, and politicians like Sam Page are scared that their unchecked power is slipping away. We’re not backing down,” writes Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s Press Secretary Chris Nuelle.

“The council’s failure to pass a mask mandate is disappointing and irresponsible. I hear from so many of our residents who ask what the issue is with the council. Especially residents who have seen the pandemic hit their districts particularly hard,” said Page.

Page says that the St. Louis County Council should adopt the public health order that was presented to them last week and continue the mask mandate. School districts have the authority or have students wear masks but the signal from the county council would make their jobs easier. ​

Page says that “Long COVID,” or the lingering effects of the virus includes symptoms like depression, chest pain, loss of taste and smell, and more. The symptoms can last for months. He says that the disease needs to be studied more and a vaccine is the best resource from getting the virus in the first place. There is also no law against wearing a mask and everyone should do so to help stop the spread of the virus.