ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – We’ve followed the journey of Lyla, the 10-year-old with a rare disease, for months. She’s finally been approved to get her long-awaited treatment Monday.

Friends and family are holding a send-off party for her in south St. Louis County today. Lyla and her mom plan to head to Cincinnati Monday.

The goodbye party is a celebration of a community’s hard work finally paying off. Lyla suffers from complex regional pain syndrome which results in massive pain in her leg.

Thousands of people showed up to support Lyla’s dream bakery in November after TikTok star Charlie Rocket shared her story. The effort raised more than $400,000 from in-person and online sales. It exceeded the family’s goal needed to pay for the physical therapy to help her.

With the funds covered, she was ready to go but then COVID-19 put a hold on that plan. That was until a couple of months ago. When her mom found out the new date, now just days away.

“It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be painful, and as a parent, that’s where my heart is breaking. The next several weeks are going to be painful, but she needs it,” said mother Heather McCarty.

Lyla will be at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for three weeks. The hope is the combination of specialized treatment will bring her one step closer to easing her pain.