ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A St. Louis County grand jury has indicted St. Louis firefighter Arnold Britt on one felony charge of receiving stolen property and one misdemeanor charge of fraudulent use of a credit/debit device.

The allegations stem from accusations that Britt took the wallet of one of the survivors of a deadly crash in February and used the cards to make purchases in St. Louis County.  

Four victims were killed when police said a red-light runner forced the vehicle over the South Grand overpass at Forest Park Avenue.  

Seven Robinson-Laney was one of four survivors. While he was hospitalized, the crash victim said someone used his debit card. 

In an April interview with FOX 2, Robinson-Laney pointed a finger of blame at a firefighter on the scene. “It’s just hurtful,” he simply put it.  

During that interview, Robinson-Laney said police investigated the accusation but told his family that when the firefighter was questioned, he told police the card usage was a mix-up and was about to notify authorities. Britt was not charged with a crime in St. Louis City.  

The grand jury indictment in St. Louis County alleges Britt used the debit card to make purchases at two St. Louis County gas stations and a car wash. 

FOX 2 was unable to reach Britt’s attorney for comment. A St. Louis Fire Department spokesperson said the department continues to monitor the case as it awaits the conclusion of a thorough investigation. 

Court filings indicate Britt’s next court date is Nov. 30.