ST. LOUIS — A local teacher returns as a Jeopardy! contestant today. Emily Fiasco, the assistant band director at Buerkle Middle Bobcats and Washington Middle School Mehlville, was invited to play the Champions Wildcard Tournament. She will be on the show today.

Emily Fiasco
Emily Fiasco

Fiasco had a winning 4-day run on the show in 2022. She won three of those days and took home over $88,000, plus she was an alternate for the 2022 Tournament of Champions.

“Not sure how I’ve gotten so lucky, but I was invited back to Jeopardy to participate in their Champions Wildcard tournament! So, for the fourth time (which is still so wild to consider) I headed out to Culver City to spend more time on the Alex Trebek Stage. Per usual, the experience was incredibly fun and I got to meet a great group of people who were somehow more supportive, kind, and fun than they are good at trivia… and that’s saying something!” Fiasco posts to Facebook.

In August 2020, she took an online test, then had a series of interviews and an in-person test before starting her Jeopardy! journey. She prepared for the show using the J! Archive website and a buzzer system created by her husband. Fiasco, with a master’s degree in music history, focused on geography for preparation.

During filming, she discovered that a week’s worth of episodes is recorded in a single day. Despite the competition, contestants from her filming day have stayed connected through a group chat.