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ST. LOUIS – A Missouri State representative has pre-filed a bill for the upcoming session that bans the teaching of critical race theory in public schools.

The focus of Rep. David Gregory’s legislation is to “ban the teaching that any one race or sex is superior in any way while seeking to prevent any discrimination or negative consequences from affecting students,” according to a press release.

His bill seeks “to prohibit CRT from being taught in Missouri public schools by listing out criteria related to the teaching of history by using policies of nondiscrimination to ensure that our nation’s history is taught with facts, context, and fairness.” 

“No child should be taught that the future of their success is determined by the color of their skin. America is the greatest country in the history of the world, it is not systemically racist,” Gregory, R-St. Louis, said in the press release.

“Critical Race Theory seeks to pit our kids against each other, creating division and racial strife within our schools. Our children deserve a safe learning environment where each student is taught that they have innate value and dignity, and no matter their race, religion, or creed, if they work hard, get a good education, and treat people right, they can achieve a level of success here in America not possible anywhere else in the world.”

Gregory’s bill will be taken up for consideration during the 2022 session that begins Jan. 5.